Sunday , May 9 2021

Lone van Roosendaal thinks that celebrity culinary celebrities are NYT

Lone van Roosendaal invites famous Dutch audiences to play in musicals and theatrical production by robbery by skilled craftsmen. "Everything is ticketing and my opponents are increasingly casting their fame," says AD actress.

Lone, who is currently playing theaters in music comedies Expedition Island, was free time for the first time in his career last year. "I do not even miss it, but I have to say that music and theater landscapes have not had much fun lately," she explains.

Lone does not like the good development that theater producers give known names for ticket sales. "It makes me sad because the quality is there regularly, it's also a robbery, trained, good people sometimes sit at home, the audience is quickly satisfied, the idea is, I think this is not right, the term always wins the quality."

On Tuesday evening, Lone van Roosendaal appeared in a soap opera Good times, bad times. He has the role of snake Billy de Palma: "I always want to show diversification."

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