Friday , March 5 2021

No new infections with EHV-1 Rhinopneumonia virus at the KWPN center in Ermelo


On Friday, October 26, in the center of the Royal Warmblood Studbook Netherlands (KWPN), Ermelo, the EHV-1 variant of the rhinoplasty program defines one autumn performance test. There was also an ori with fever and nose showing a different movement pattern at the stage but these two nits were tested negatively with EHV-1 in the Animal Health Service study. Three o'ra were re-tested on November 6 and the results of the EHV-1 test were negative for all 3 orios. Other slaves with EHV-1 symptoms have not been added.

In a conference at the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht Veterinary Medicine Prof. Dr. With Marianne Sloet, we decided to continue testing the performance of the present races. If the owners are now considering the slaves, it is advisable to put these horses in quarantine for at least 14 days. Basically, other slaves stay in Ermelo until November 24 and four weeks after the last fever has passed.

The KWPN Center – and its evaluation dates and final presentation – is again open to owners and interested parties. They have access to the KWPN office and the Willem-Alexanderhal department. The stables will remain closed to third parties until the final show. All stable workers and riders continue to work in strict hygiene protocols so far, for example, to replace disinfectant mats and clothes. Manure removal from KWPN takes place on your own site.

For more information, visit the KWPN website.

source: KWPN, 08.11.18


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