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The boy grabbed the Wartburg College – Interior


On Thursday afternoon, a 16-year-old boy was kidnapped at the Wartburg College in Rotterdam, where Revius was located. He has now returned home after a hospital visit, says Richard Toes, chairman of the board.

The victim took part in the battle at Wartburg College, under President Rooseveltweg. "At about 1.00 pm a lot of young people from another school came to the square. Because it was just a break, the square was full of students." One of the students at Revius is stabbed on his side. the neighborhood.

A 16-year-old victim is taken to the hospital with an ambulance. According to Toes, disability is "limited." "It was a knife's penetration, so of course it's not good. But luckily, the student is not dying wounded. No vital parts were in contact."

The driver's suspects, from which school a competing group comes, but wants to keep it for themselves. "We still have to contact the school." According to Toes, it is an "organized battle". “On the way home from school to school or vice versa, students fought with each other. Some push and pull jobs were already started there. "


Students at the Revius College are "very shocked," says Toes. "The group came to run to the square all of a sudden. It felt like a robbery." One of the students started hyperventilation, it was immediately taken to the ambulance. There was an opportunity to ask questions, the positioning manager read the Bible and made a prayer.

For security reasons, students had to stay in the classroom for some time. At around 3pm, the police released the school and left for school.

Representatives are still looking for a factor that ran away.

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