Monday , March 8 2021

This is a fanboy boyfriend who kissed Enrique Iglesias for entertainment

It's not the first time the sultry singer is on the fan stage and kisses her. And that is why the 39-year-old was Josephina it has already attracted a fantasy, he says News displayed. And, look, a moment came during his concert Ziggo Dom on Friday night. During his hit hero he humans her, they dance around each other and kiss her repeatedly in the mouth. "I was thinking: is this really, what should I do now?"

No, he doubted his fantasies in advance. "I thought," When I'm there, I'll just do it the question "And he did not return, so the package him his bread." Iglesias if she is married, she says, "No, I have a boyfriend, she is fine." But I meant: he thinks this is okay! And of course he also admits to me, Enrique Iglesias I can make an exception, haha. "

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