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Jessica Biel: "We've all done things we're not proud of"

Jessica Biel speaks sinful when her second term of the Netflix show is presented.

What is like a producer instead of standing in front of the camera in the season two?

It is very different. In fact, it was a bit difficult to swallow for a while. It was difficult to be there every day with light, with the crew, my heart and all emotions at the table, like last season.

How has your relationship with "sin" or "sinners" changed after the presentation?

It definitely points out this idea that it is a ambiguous etiquette, and in many ways, all people have been sinful in one step. We have all done things we are not proud of, we may have not treated people in the way we are proud of. It seems to me also, after I have done this play, that it is taken away my judgment, when I hear that particular entry or word.

In the first period, emotional and physical burdens were on your way, but of course you are an adult and can handle it. This season, the 13-year-old child – Elisha Henig – has a huge responsibility.

Yes, it's a huge responsibility and that's something we talked a lot, and in choosing Elisa we had to look for someone who has the ability to be wise after their years and in some way still had to join this young person. But as you can see, he's incredible. There were many challenging elements that filled him.

Talk about how you came up with Bill Pullman's choice of currency?

He's terribly talented. And Bill is someone who is also curious about life and interest in people. He will not be sentenced immediately, and that's very much what Harry Ambrose is. As I looked back, working with him for the season one, it was just such a pleasure. He is just so positioned in everything he does and desperately wants to do his performance better if possible, what I always want to do.

Jessica Biel's series of Sinner's second season with Bill Pullman.
Jessica Biel's series of Sinner's second season with Bill Pullman.

You said you wanted to steer – but it takes a lot of time.

It's very time consuming. If it is straight, it may not be long since it has small children, I do not think you ever saw your family and it is challenging. But I have endurance? I think I do. When I put my mind on something, I do it and I will do it. I will kill myself in the process and never see my children and resign. I'm just crying, but it's a lot of work and not the right moment now.

Congratulations on the five Emmy nominations this year. You are particularly proud of it Sinner is a baby?

It's an amazing feeling. This project is something that we have seen from beginning to end, and it is exciting to feel something, which I am really proud of. I do not think that Actors make awards, I definitely work on prizes, and in fact I've never received a prize before! So, this is great.

How good are you in balance in family life and work?

I'm pretty good thing. I do not jump to work easily or very quickly because I have a family and now I have to spend time working with my son and my husband. And I'm pretty good thing. I'm really rich material, and honestly, I just have to inspire to the point where I feel like I can not do a movie or TV series.

I was in Amsterdam with my family a long time ago. Was it a vacation?

Yeah. It was so great. And we had a great time at the park, bicycles everywhere, it was wonderful. I think you could call me on vacation for me, but Justin had been there and so we were with him on tour.

Your mother is a spiritual healer – what has been given to you?

Feel calm, surely. She's very unrealistic. When I was a kid and I was shocked, it always begins with his saying, "Deep breathing, calming down, pausing for a moment." He never takes me to a doctor unless there is an exposed bone or something (laughter) and we always try an oriental drug. He taught me to be a non-reactions, and I am grateful for that, because I can absorb what's going on, without much reaction to it. I could be that a great reaction when I am absorbed in it, but in general I'm pretty zen.

You've grown in Boulder, Colorado. Do you go home often?

I do not return often because my family moved away. So when I go back to Boulder, it's very nostalgic because it is very rare. I also have no opportunity to spend time on adults, so when I go back, it's literally a memory of young people, elementary school and middle school. So my experience is very positive. At that time in my life there was no hardcore, so it is a very idyllic experience for me.

• The second season of the season Sinner has streamed Netflix now.

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