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Lord's Stage Designer says Kanye West did not steal the "Floating Box" idea

NewsWritten by Jackson Langford on November 14, 2018

The seemingly unexpected Lido of the Lord, Kanye West and Kid Cudi has come to the second round because the designer behind the idea has been weighed.

If you've forgotten it, Lorde took his Instagram story earlier this week and accused Kanye Wes and Kid Cudi, as kids see Ghosts, stealing their idea of ​​his plan by running a large, transparent, floating box.

However, Es Devlin – a woman floating behind a box of Lorde n Melodrama World Tour – has played and says that children see ghosts did not steal.

He took on Instagram to release a new British National Opera performance carmen towards the end of 2007. This apparently opposes Lord's claim that:

a) he came to the idea for himself.
(b) that he was stolen from him.

"The unique floating glass case is, of course, not new and geometry precedes us all. The form finds another resonance layer in each new context," Devlin wrote in Instagram.

"I have designed a fresh Kids See Ghosts events: I have worked with Lorden Coachella presentation planning: I admire both, and I see no imitation here: I think the more interesting thing is that both artists react -yhteenmuotoisia times, drawn in this delicate floating in a gesture: the world who is not interested in gravity: where the rules of civilization and identity, as we have known, may no longer come into force. "

It should also be noted that the one who designed the Kids See Ghosts stage was Trask House. The owner of this company, John McGuire. spoke to New York Times the controversy.

"(Lorde) was not the first person to use a floating glass box, he is not the last one," he said. "He does not own it, his designer did not invent it."

Read Devlin's complete Instagram message below.

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