Sunday , August 1 2021

NVIDIA's high-quality Shield TV is only $ 140 for a limited time

The NVIDIA Shield TV with remote control is $ 139.99 in the Amazon. This agreement saves you $ 39 off the normal price of this product.

It has improved compared to previous plays. Heck, this gives you access to the Amazon Prime Video program, which is step by step. Sure, the shield is more expensive than Roku, but the shield is a gaming console and that's decent.

Android Central's friends reviewed the value of Shield-TV in 2018 and decided that it really is saying:

NVIDIA Shield TV is still the best Android TV box that you can buy in 2018. NVIDIA has done a great job by offering software updates that keep it better from Shield TV and 16GB is an excellent alternative to all standard streamers. So yes, it's definitely the best option for an Android TV box in 2018.

The odds are that this trade does not stay too long, so be sure to grab one now before the price increase disappears.

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