Phoenix is ​​still convinced of the new A-League season despite the first loss of 1 NEWS NOW

One of the losses is not enough to attract Wellington's new discovery confidence in recruiting Steven Taylor to be happy to grab a crush before concentrating on Melbourne City on Friday.

Phoenix's 3-0 success over the previous unbeatable West Sydney last Saturday has left them a victory, drawing and defeat so far in the A-League season.

The dragon largely dropped and the pressures of the club to maintain their position in an expanding competition after 2019 Taylor admitted that their first loss had delayed material to their critics.

But in Melbourne last week, the former Premier League defender said there was still a lot of wind in the club's sails.

"Now we start seeing people crying out when we have one defeat," said the former talent of Newcastle United.

"We let them talk and we (we) stay together, expect the Melbourne game and get the result we want.

"It's a massive game for us, but they have a lot of pressure and they have to try to take the game for us."

Both sides are equally qualified, but City also leaves for 3-0 on the success of its own Taylor sees its rival as a pump.

"We enjoy it, they are a big club who keeps talking about who is also a bad result," he said.

"For us, we will go there with confidence (knowing) what we are going to hurt them."

It is their defensive spotlight when Mark Rudan's 5-2-3 formation helps them overtake Newcastle and raise Brisbane 0-0 to the draw.

However, various questions were asked when the hosts admitted the early target against Wanderers and they could not answer.

Taylor demands that they have the versatility to respond better if you face the same scenario on Friday.

"We do it in education," the 32-year-old said.

"We've worked in different tactics when we're two down, three down. We did it last week … 3-0 down and we came back to win 4-3 training games with each other."

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