Students dropped through Mt Aspiring when heavy rains intersect

Otago Boys High School students are lost in Mount Aspiring National Park after heavy rainfall and flooding have been thrown on the west coast.

Retaining valley west, install aspiring national park.

Heavy rain has cut off access to Matukituk valley.
Picture: sankalpo / 123RF

The heavy rain caused the creek to rise up and make it subduing students.

The long-standing tradition school takes 9 and 10 students each year to the Matukituk valley to get to know each other outside the technology.

The 26-year-old boy was classified today but a cut-off place in the rain.

Vice Rector Mark Hooper said the boys were safe, dry, and plenty of supplies.

The group comes tomorrow to the valley and returns to Dunedin if weather permits.

Otagon high school students are not the only ones who are having difficulty with Harihar South Westland student students being on their way home due to weather conditions.

Earlier today, the highway between Hari Har and Franz Josef was closed for floods.

Civil Defense has also opened Hari Har's local and tourist wellness center and other centers to standby mode.

The latest transport company update said that heavy rainfall in the area had shut down the state highway 6, but there were warnings about Hokitika and Haast motorways and Fox Glacier Haast.

It is understood that the highway may be closed overnight when crews are trying to unload slips and debris.

South Westland had water information, and heavy rainfall was predicted.

Authorities prepare for possible flooding in Hokitika when heavy rain comes to the west coast.

Westland Civil Defense instructor Simon Bastion told the 200-300 mm rain forecast for the next 24 hours.

The Finnish Transport Agency announced caution on State Highway 73 due to the strong winds of Arthur's Passat Otira.

Regional reservations are also located on state highway 60 Riwaka and Takaka forecasts rain today tomorrow morning.

Strong wind warnings are in force at Canterbury, including Alpine Skiing. Ozone and Southland also have a heavy rainfall.

Mayor of Westland Bruce Smith said that the worst rain had passed and caused trees and even got to flee down the river.

Smith said that the Hokitika town had reached the flood plain – but the river was at a very high level.

"[The campervan is] is not parked there now – it may be heading over Aussie over Tasman – and my instinct is that weather has crossed us and I think the worst is over, "he said.

Mr Smith said local residents remained indoors and tourists applied for shelter at the pub.

"Tourists just said the appearance of the pubs and they had a meal, beer and sit in the fire," he said.

Mr Smith said that cleaning is likely to start later today.

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