BT's cover "Greven" sells 14,000 crowns


Both front pages of the newspaper since January 1993 are marked with the headlines "We Bright Churches" and "The Count" was late. "The Vikernes interview was anonymous, but was arrested, and the journalist behind the interview was accused of breaking the source guards and the police on Vikernes' name.

"When I saw newspapers, I had no idea that they would have a great deal of benefit," says Heinz G. Peters, who recently released an image of two versions on Facebook's black metallic page.

He did not sell but quickly made an offer.

– The first offer was NOK 4000. I said instantly that it was not applicable. I had very little desire to sell. But then there were more offers. I said I also had a lot of other newspapers at that time. Eventually, we agreed on more than 23,000 newspapers for all newspapers. But the two versions of Bergens Tidende are the most special, and their price alone was about 14,000, Peters says.

Newspaper buyer is not in his name but tells BT that he has been looking for these newspapers for a long time, especially on January 20, 1993, because it is the reference point when black metal exploded abroad.

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