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Dyar (24) earned 48 million NOK last year: – That's good


Internet Millionaire and Entrepreneur Dyar Al-Ashtari (24) has in recent years earned his wealth from appearing on Google search. He founded Dyar Marketing Labs (Dyar), a wholly-owned company based in Fredrikstad, already in 2013.

The search optimization company has been making profits for many years. Until 2017, Dyar's operating profit was approximately NOK 40 million.

However, last year he surpassed this overall.

"Good thing"

According to the financial statements published on Thursday, the operating profit was at least NOK 48 million through the subsidiary Pear in 2018.

– It is a good thing, I am very happy

Dyar Al-Ashtari

"It's a lot, I'm very happy," says Al-Ashtar.

It also contributes to the entrepreneur's holiday at the moment.

He also holds a longer six-month interruption after a working day of 12-13 years, he informs DN.

Pear, Annual Gain 2018 (at MNOK) 2018 2017 change
turnover 50 -%
Operating profit (ebit) 47.1 -%
Profit before taxes 47 -%

Missed trial

However, last year was not just a rosy for a young entrepreneur. When DN had several articles that Al-Ashtar's service used in abandoned areas to raise consumer credit in Kapitalkass's Google search results, he also went to court for a marketing stop against Magnus Strømnes Bøe.

The reason for this was that in September 2017, Bøe gave a lecture in which he warned about various techniques that would allow you to create a better ranking for your website on Google search, and used Al-Ashtar as an example.

Al-Ashtari did not bring the District Court of Follo to the effect that his company had been honored and had to pay NOK 25,000.

Great dividends

The pear profit was NOK 47 million and generated a turnover of NOK 50 million. Dividends are NOK 15 million.

As a result, a young entrepreneur will be responsible for a total of NOK 28 million after the parent company Dyer Holding was established in 2013.

A 23-year-old has a private equity investment in a pear with a New Year's worth of approximately SEK 22 million. It has grown from Dyer Holding's NOK 16.5 million in 2017. The parent company has not yet submitted the financial statements for 2018.

"Exciting Things"

On Dyar Marketing Lab's website, Al-Ashtari describes himself as a market visionary.

"I am excited about the technology, and I am particularly interested in technological solutions that contribute to growth and development. When technology meets business correctly, exciting things happen," he writes, among other things.

Al-Ashtari said in 2017 that the wholly owned subsidiary Pear was his new company.

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