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NHO strengthens lockout – excludes 501 nurses

EMPLOYED SYMPTOMS: NHO chief Ole Erik Almlid has been ordered to ban 500 nurses from their jobs according to the Nursing Institute.
EMPLOYED SYMPTOMS: NHO chief Ole Erik Almlid has been ordered to ban 500 nurses from their jobs according to the Nursing Institute. Photo: Janne Møller-Hansen


The NHO confirms that they have to prevent the treatment response. The minister does not say whether they want to end the conflict. Here you can see which 65 healthcare companies in Norway are suffering.

published: Updated: 15.11.18 09:11

Norwegian Nursing Association (NSF) was confirmed on Thursday morning that NHO goes to lock in the care trap. Now NHO confirms that 501 nurses will be closed for work on Tuesday morning.

Lockout is serious for both patients, relatives and employees, but we can not stay in place so that a few companies will tax everyone when we know that some of these are going to be over. Other companies in the industry want to be solidarity with those who have been a strike, a strike that has lasted nearly three weeks. Some companies are small, ideal businesses. Now it is important
jobs and good patient care that are in danger of disappearing, "says Anne-Cecilie Kaltenborn, NHO's Service and Trade Representative.

– Nursing has lasted for three weeks, and many of the seven striking businesses are in bankruptcy. That is why we have to use this powerful instrument, he says.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie (H) says the conflict is serious but does not want to say anything about the fact that the barrier to them causes them to end the conflict with forced laborers.

NHO moved quickly after them Tuesday was announced at VG that they considered using a locking device in nursing, which began on October 25th.

NSF has removed 56 of the 501 nurses involved in the agreement between NSF and NHO Service and Trade / Abelia.

Lockout is an employer's strike, which means that they shut down all 500 relatives who are in the conflict.

The head of the Norwegian Nursing Association Eli Gunhild City said they had received an NHO message on Thursday morning.

Hauglie: Serious

"We have been informed that they are doing the ban and that we get a formal letter from today 0800-1100," he told VG.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie.

"It is serious when the conflict affects the health sector, as in this case, which is a contradiction between the Norwegian nursing association and the NHO service and trade sector, and its parties are responsible for resolving it, and I assume that the parties will do their utmost to find a solution. as usual, "says Hauglie.

He does not say anything that locking immediately launches one a mandatory employee, where they break and stop conflicts:

Hauglie points out that it is a Norwegian Ministry of Health with a professional responsibility for evaluating the consequences of the conflict for patients and users.

There is a deadline for notification of dismissal and the termination of the leave will not be completed until Tuesday morning: NHO excludes all nurses in private health centers and in a patient hotel that are covered by the agreement between NHO and Handel / Abelian and Nursing Agency.

The city is angry and says NHO can not handle healthcare.

"Today, NHO has thrown the cards, so they can not get close to both medical staff, respirators, street associations to come up with their views on a collective agreement," according to the law. "Health care needs to be arranged to make sure they are safe." .

– Lack of understanding

He says that no notice has been taken into account in life and health.

"Unlike NSF's strike missile, the Norwegian Public Health Institute has been awake for three weeks without finding a single case where life and health are compromised. As nurses, we have the patient's interest in number 1. The NHO should know that it is not possible to leave NHO's overall understanding of healthcare responsibilities does not show that NHO companies are completely unsuitable to take responsibility for people's lives and health, he thunders.

– We are sorry

NHO does not want to discuss this issue centrally at this time.

Anne-Cecilie Kaltenborn's NHO Service and Trade Manager says he is sorry for the sufferers.

Lockout is definitely the last resort and we apologize for the consequences that this can have on the injured. We stretched ourselves far and turned every stone to find a solution. Unfortunately, we find that the nursing agency does not show any will to find a real solution to the conflict, Kaltenborn says.

"This contradiction is about our ability to continue negotiating our own collective agreements, and what NSF requires is that we have to match our collective agreement to the same reading as the municipal sector, and in fact, nurses have an average salary higher than those in municipal nurses," says Kaltenborn.

He uses the spring salary survey as an argument.

"In the spring, we agreed on a common salary level for all industries, and then we can not give the Department of Health the impression that a group of 500 workers receive special care when we have already reached a solution to one million other employees,
In Norway, given the broad support of both employers and employees, Kaltenborn says.

In LO, they are cautious.

"In principle, we believe that locking is a very dramatic tool that we do not want to use." As for the conflict, we are not party to it and we do not know the details, so we do not want to comment on that, "says Peggy Hessen, Følsvik LO.

These are affected

here are companies that suffer:

  • Alarm Center, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Austevoll home service, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Austevoll Nursing, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Dep. Lambertseter Nursing Home, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Home Services, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Kantarellen Bo- og Servicesenter, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Care Nordstrand, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Respiratorteam Midt, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Risenga Nursing and Treatment Center, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Uraniumborghjemmet, Aleris Omsorg AS
  • Dep. Oslo / Head, Asor Helse AS
  • Maribu nursing homes, Attendo Maribu AS
  • Marie Treschow nursing homes, Attendo Maribu AS
  • Dep. Paul's Nursing, Attendo Omsorg AS
  • Dep. Red-throated nursing, Attendo Omsorg AS
  • Dep. Romsås Nursing, Attendo Velferd AS
  • Bognes Nursing Staff, Attendo Velferd AS
  • Dep. Oslo, Doro Care AS
  • Dep. Gaustad Hotell, Eurest AS
  • Haukeland Patient Hotel, Eurest AS
  • Ullevål Patient Hotel, Eurest AS
  • Zefyr Patient Hotel, Eurest AS
  • Fagertun Safe and comfortable
  • Dep. Treatment group Fetsund, Rescue Army
  • Dep. Ensjøtunet, Salvation Army
  • Dep. Gate Hospital, Salvation Army
  • Dep. Hveita Day Center, Salvation Army
  • Dep. Stavanger, Salvation Army
  • Dep. Tønsberg, Salvation Army
  • Headquarters, Army
  • Salvation Army's intoxicants Dept Lighthouse
  • Furukollen Psychiatric Center AS
  • Godthaab's health and rehabilitation
  • Grefsenhjemmet
  • Heimta AS
  • Health and Safety SA
  • Dep. Praying Nursing, Helseforetaket lncita AS
  • Dep. Valstad's nursing, Helseforetaket lncita AS
  • Dep. Wenger Gård, Helseforetaket lncita AS
  • Hvalheim Bo and Servicesenter AS
  • Høyenhall Helse og Rehabilitering AS
  • Dep. Surgery Hobøl, Medi 3 Ringvoll Klinikken AS
  • Dep. Surgery Oslo, Medi 3 Ringvoll Klinikken AS
  • Opplæringssenteret and Finnmark AS
  • Nord-Norges Kurbad AS, rehabilitation center
  • Ringen Rehabiliteringssenter AS
  • Dep. Oslo, SOS International AS
  • Kongsberg Institute, Stamina Helse AS
  • Dep. Oslo and Akershus, the Amathea Foundation
  • Amathea Agder
  • Amathea Buskerud
  • Amathea Hedmark and Oppland
  • Amathea Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane
  • Amathea Nordland
  • Amathea Troms and Finnmark
  • Amathea Trondelag
  • Administration, Foundation for the Church in Bergen
  • Foundation Church Mission in Bodø
  • Nordtun HelseRehab, Foundation Nordtun Health Rehab
  • Villa Skaar Jevnaker AS
  • Villa Skaar Sylling AS
  • Villa Skaar Vestfossen AS
  • Our Lady's Age Homes
  • Åstveit Helsesenter AS
  • Norlandia Home Care AS Home Care

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