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(Avisa Nordland 🙂 Many people who buy new cars are the reliability of different models. There are also great variations in this area.

Japanese car models have for many years been subject to much less defects than cars manufactured elsewhere.

After all, South Korea, Hyundai and Kia, are also known.

However, US and European car manufacturers must also strive to ensure that cars are as good as possible.

Now, it is very important that cars are getting more and more sophisticated equipment, which costs a lot to be repaired.

This was the top 10 list in 2016

Comprehensive research

Therefore, it is good that we have Consumer Reports Consumer Reports in the United States. They make each year one of the most comprehensive quality assurance in the automotive industry to reveal which cars are the least and most often misunderstood.

2018 is no exception and the results are based, inter alia, on 500,000 vehicle data. There are 17 different categories. Here, everything is mapped out of tiresome panels to gears that do not work. Consumer reports also test the cars themselves.

We've mapped out a list of ten car brands that have the least problems – and are presented here:

French cars: are they as bad as their reputation?

The Lexus GX is the most reliable car from both Lexus and Consumer Reports.

1. Lexus

Yes, you will not get rich if you earned the money so that they could get such a score. For many years, the Toyota Premium brand has set a standard for what is meant by high reliability and quality.

Their most reliable model is also a luxury SUV GX that is not sold in Norway.

They got an average of 78 points.

2. Toyota

Equally surprising is that we chose another place. A little new world now, in other words.

Toyota has tested 14 models, with Japanese car manufacturers averaging 76.

The Prius-downloadable edition is one of the models that are very good in quality research.

Fredrik (35) filled 12 liters of petrol for a 5-liter skater!

3. Mazda

It is not surprising that Mazda will be high. However, they have really risen from NI last year, and they are very happy to guarantee the children's level in this year's competition.

Car enthusiasts will enjoy Mazda's most reliable MX-5 sports cars.

Total Mazda got 69 points.

The Mazda MX-5 is one of the cars that comes very well from the research.

4. Subaru

Japanese brands continue to dominate! Subaru climbs to two places – and it's averaging 65 points.

Everyone who likes Impreza WRX and they are many is probably a bit disappointed that the Subaru stack is the least trustworthy. This is mainly due to transmission problems.

These are used cars for hell

5. Kia

Eventually we find another country in the list. Kia is from South Korea and has dropped two places since last year.

Both Sportage and Niro hybrids come in well.

The top model of Stinger GT is slightly below Kia.

6. Infiniti

Another premium brand – this time from Nissan. They managed to get up one place last year. This is a sign we do not know much about in Norway. But some of the copies are also on Norwegian roads.

Their least reliable model is the Q50, while the Q60 is the one that gets the most points from Infiniti models.

This car is Norway's most satisfied owners

The new Q5 comes best from Audi models.

7. Audi

Can you think that European cars are not allowed to participate? Neid they are with. And here we find the first contribution. However, Audi has fallen since fourth place last year, as this time averaged 60 points.

The least reliable is the golf competition A3 – while the new Q5 is the best.

8. BMW

A competitor might be too good to know about Audi's poll. BMW is currently in three places from the list last year.

They are averaging 58 points – X1 is the least trustworthy. It gets critique of the brakes that need to be replaced too early and shake the steering wheel.

The BMW i3 is the most reliable vehicle for BMW according to Consumer Reports.

The good news for the Norwegians is that the electric car i3 is the one who gets the best result.

9. Mini

BMW also owns Mini – and 57 points, Mini is just behind the list.

SUV Countryman got credit from being the most trusted of these two models that were held. Another model was Cooper. Countryman is higher than average, while the latter is somewhat below.

9. Hyundai

Hyundai shares 9th place exactly the same point as Mini. The least reliable model is Ioniq. Ioniq's hybrid edition is, for instance, a collision between a gear and a motorcycle problem.

The Korean brand score is exactly the same as last year.

Great Inspection: These are the best car brands


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