These movies should take you from this year's movie at the South Festival


This year, the film is held 28 times from the south. The festival shows the audience a different film world than we usually use: Hollywood productions and European films.

Through songs from exciting programs we get over a week of movies that we may never have decided to go to the movies to watch.

Critics of the Aftenposten movie May Synnøve Rogne believes that everyone wants to challenge and watch movies that might tell the story completely differently from our habit.

Here are 12 films that he expects this year's festival:


  • Control: Hirokazu Kore-eda
  • Japan

shoplifters Get rid of Gullpalmen at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Director Hirokazu Kore-eda describes the basis of the movie just by asking, "What is the creation of a family?" The film is considered narratively at its best: touch, humanist, socially critical and fun.

The Cannes winner opens from the south


Rafiki was premiering at the Cannes Film Festival as the first film in Kenya. But the celebration came to fruition when Kenya's censorship authorities deny everything they are looking at in their homeland. The authorities react in particular to the film that draws a desirable image of homosexual love, as homosexual violence is prohibited as a country.

The films produced by Norway were banned before the Cannes show

"The heirs"

  • Control: Marcelo Martinessi
  • Paraguay

Ana Brun received the award for best actress during the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. The 44-year-old Marcelo Matinessi appears as a director of the film and has made a poetic and beautiful portrait of two well-grown women.

«Ash is the cleanest white»

Prohibited this year's Gold Palace in Cannes but had to look away shoplifters. The film moves in the border regions between the gangster film and the melodram. In modern China, the director reflects the love story between Qiao (Tao Zhao) and Gangster Girl Bin (Fan Liao).

«Tower: never return»

  • Control: Mats Grorud
  • France, Sweden, Norway

This animated film takes us from the conflict between Israel and Palestine. An eleven-year-old girl Wardi is a fourth-generation refugee from Palestine. The family room is a tower in a refugee camp in Lebanon, where every generation is built on the floor. Ward's grandfather Sidi lived in the camp when he fled home in 1948.

«Ryuichi Sakamoto: Queue»

  • Control: Stephen Nomura Schible
  • Japan

The career of the popular composer Ryuichi Sakamoto extends over four decades. Sakamoto is a solid artist, composer and composer of everything from synthesizer to symphonic work. Many people know him maybe for example. As a composer of the film, Merry Christmas, mr. Lawrence (1983).

«Tigers are not afraid»

On the other hand, Mexico has sunny and beautiful beaches, but there is also a violent shadow in the country. There Estrella grows there. One day she disappears, and Estrella begins to hear her voice at night. The film is produced by Guillermo del Toro and is described as a drama featuring elements of magical realism and horror film.

"Satan's Servants"

  • Control: Either Anwar
  • indonesia

It's unlikely that the movie will make you jump on a high chair. Everyone starts with a mother who dies insecure after the illness and does not reveal too much if we say she does not rest in peace. Ghosts, demons, with the devil of the covenant. What else do you want?

«Supa Mode»

  • Control: Likarion Wainaina
  • Kenya, Germany

The younger chinopublicum also gets himself. Supa Mode is the story of Jo, who is obsessed with super heroes. But Jo is not exactly like the other 9-year-olds, he is ill and is in hospital. The movie is described as a story that makes you smile, smile and cry right away. Recommended for 9 year old children.

"Together with the gods: two worlds"

  • Control: Kim Yong-Hwa
  • South Korea

What does the audience in the rest of the world go to the movie theater to see? They have gone home to watch this expensive adventure movie about a dead firefighter crash through the underworld. In other words it changes both as an effect, an emotional sentiment, and a fantasy.


  • Control: Lee Chang-Dong
  • South Korea

The film inspired Haruki Murakami's novel "Burning Barns". The young man dreams of becoming a writer. He ends up being a catfighter after a meeting with a young dancer who claims to have grown together. The film is described as a poetic and mysterious thriller.


  • Control: Tolga Karaçelik
  • Turkey

The remote village, the Suspicious Imam and the small mayor are the story of three siblings traveling on a car traveling through Turkey when their father suddenly touches them after 30 years of silence. Of course it is not fully planned.

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