Benko vs. Dichand: Poker "crown"

[ad_1] It was last Friday at Park Hyatt am Hof ​​in Vienna, when René Benko – in her friend Christoph Dichand – Dichand's friends – "put her heart". Signa owner and property manager Benko had invited an amazing Dichand junior for lunch from his luxury rooms and told him: "I bought 49% of WAZ's share … Read more

Quiévrain: the car is driving the trail

[ad_1] A very interesting car accident – although one car is involved – happened last night at the corner of Mons and Quiévrain at the rue du Tombois river, which led to the closure of the roadside for several hours. Saturday about 4.30, the car hit the electric pole, so strongly that the message was … Read more

Jerry Smith's performance ends with intoxication, robbery and vandalism; watch videos

[ad_1] Singer Jerry Smith had to close his screenplay earlier in Paraban Maraba's performance. The singer, who was already on stage with musicians and dancers, was on duty to stop the exhibition at the Empire Events event. According to Jerry, and also social network reports, there were no necessary authorizations for the event. "If you … Read more

Outbreak of bubbles triggers bacteria from the water to the air: Research

[ad_1] BOSTON, November 17:Bacteria can act as small microbicides, break down and trigger microorganisms, including potential pathogens, water and air.The study, published in Physical Review Letters, found that bacteria could affect the longevity of the bubble.A bacterial coated bubble floating on the surface of the water may take more than 10 times longer than the … Read more

another way to buy cheaper

[ad_1] bidding online will be activated at midnight on Monday 19 November and until Tuesday 20 due to the virtual stores associated with the CCCE, measured by Cyberlunes' new Internet discounts. The expectation is to invite 1.8 million Colombians Felipe Villarreal, Director of CCCE Cyberlunes. This would mean a 40% increase compared to the number … Read more