Wednesday , April 14 2021

Allen Adham said Blizzard tried to show something about Diablo 4

During BlizzCon's history, Blizzard has been able to please his fans, and it can be said that the company almost always comes out very well after its upcoming titles. However, BlizzCon 2018 gave something to talk about what was happening in addition to the ads An immortal devil and anything related to it Diablo 4, a subject that has produced much information about Blizzard's plans or recently, and Allen Adham talked about it.

As you remember, fans diablo They expected BlizzCon 2018 to know something about franchising and although the development team had confirmed that they were working on new deliveries, but there were no announcements in the events, expectations came as a surprise. Then she revealed herself An immortal devil, a mobile game that created Blizzard's unfavorable environment and whose presentation was surrounded by rumors of plans that looked something like Diablo 4, which the company subsequently denied. However, during the interview, Blizzard's founder Allen Adham, was questioned about this situation and although he chose to maintain his discretion on the subject, he assured him that if he intended to show something from the following diablo and he just said, "We tried."

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