Wednesday , June 16 2021

Christmas: Premium Panetones reaches 35% market share

The premium class will grow by 15% compared to the previous year and will achieve a 35% market share.

Christmas: Premium Panetones reaches 35% market share

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Although the panettone class is a well-established year, and low growth is due to a slight increase, it also shows a number of changes in purchasing channels and consumers' preferences, he stressed. Bimbo Peru.

In this way, Marketing Manager Aivy Schroth explained that the premium class will grow by 15 per cent on the previous year. 35% (36%) that no longer grows.

There are costs in the pay category S / 22 and economic, S / 11. At the same time, the mainstream segment (intermediate) with an average price of S / 18 accounts for 22% of the market.

Panettone Market

The CEO noted that supermarket brands have helped modern retail power. These brands are already one third of the field, he added.

He also said they were in the middle 50 and 60 panettone brands in Peru, so many of them arrive and leave each year. In this case, the market would remain stable compared to 2017, when it grew by only 2% to nearly S / 312 million.

However, Bimbo's goal is to grow more than 10 percent in the Panettone category (taking into account the PYC brand) in 2018 and will be placed at the top 10 of the market. That is why the contribution to the Christmas campaign Bimbotoy and exports, said Schroth.

Well, this month, the company continued its panettone transportation to Chile and also strengthens its deliveries to the United States, whose exports represent 7 percent of the production of these products.

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