Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" shows new pictures with his third trailer [VIDEO Y FOTOS]

The premiere "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," created by an anime movie Akira Toriyama, he has all the fans excited about. Because Toei Animation has revealed a new trailer to the public in Japan, which has quickly become a virus.

In this new clip, we can see a new transformation in the images vegeta, such as a God of the Super Saiyai, a change he had done only goku so far.

As you recall, goku could reach this stage for the first time since then Shen Long He revealed to them the ritual to call this power, which consisted of combining the power of 5 Saiyan in the pure heart.

In this video you will also see all the light intensity Broly, which comes with the original set of canons with this tape. Super Saiyan Legendary Surprising successors of the series with their enormous energy.

The series will arrive in Japan in late December, and its premiere in Latin America and the rest of the world is expected to be in the first weeks of January.

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