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In Luis Miguel Lima: see concert tickets on March 10 | Lights | music

As part of his "Mexico Forever" tour, the famous singer Luis Miguel will perform in our home country on March 10, 2019.

The Mexican singer will return to our country after five years, as he last sang in Peru on a tour "The Hits Tour", was 7 November 2013.

In that case, the price of the ticket varied between S / 170 and S / 450 and more than 8 thousand people participated Luis Miguel.

However, since the Mexican star has reached its popularity for the last time, thanks to its premiere of its film series, the price of a concert ticket rose.

This is what he has announced Tele Ticket, a company that just put tickets to the show Luis Miguel and the value of which is as follows:

Conditions: S / 911
VIP: S / 687
Priority: S / 455
General information: S / 322
Tribune S / 190

It should be noted that the fan club will receive a special advance, which will be held on 7 November. Until the same prices.

Similarly, BBVA Continental offers its customers exclusive rights, ticket prices vary:

Prerequisite: S / 713
VIP: S / 535.50
Priority: S / 356
General: S / 252
Tribune: S / 148

Conditions: S / 792.20
VIP: S / 597.30
Priority: S / 395.60
General information: S / 280
Draw: S / 165.25

Absolute prerequisite: S / 831.80
VIP: S / 627.20
Priority: S / 415.40
General: S / 294
Tribuna: S / 173,50

Before arriving in Peru, Luis Miguel offers concerts in Chile, Argentina (two samples in each country) and Paraguay; and after passing our country go to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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