Light and water counts can be paid with QR code


Visanet Peru launched a charge QR, which allows users to pay for basic services such as electricity, water, telephone, inventory purchases, and even deliveries.

The initiative aims to provide new solutions for those companies that do not yet have a system card payments because they have to rent a POS or MPOS terminal.

"It's a very safe way of doing business with wallet users because the card is not physically delivered. there is no limit value to consider"Said Víctor Gonzales, a new business vice president, Visanet Peru.

How does it work?

The system can accept all local and international cards. All interested companies can obtain the QR code provided online by Visanet Peru; Your smartphone can scan this as well, and the event will take place. The process is protected by the EMVCo organization, which unifies the major credit card markets. .


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