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Minister Gloria Montenegro regrets the "hate speech" campaign for violence against women


Minister for Women and Vulnerable Groups, Gloria Montenegroregretted the criticism of the participation of members of the Peruvian army in the program "Violence Without Violence", which aims to eliminate gender-based violence and used pink aprons by officials and officials.

The Minister said that "hostile" is just "offensive" rather than joining the battle of the country.

"Unfortunately, there are people with hostile speeches who are unable to break stereotypes and who are offending rather than increasing what the country needs, fighting this national emergency, fighting violence, overcoming it, and moving to dialogue, reconciliation and housing right" , he confirmed at Ideeleradio.

Members of Fuerza Popular, APRA and Acción Republican criticized the Minister for Women's Affairs last Wednesday, Gloria MontenegroAfter spreading the images, where the military members' participation in this campaign is prestigious, pink aprons.

The dispute began when the APRA legislator, Jorge del Castillo, went to congress the congressional women and family commission, of which he is not a member, to warn of this incident.

"I wanted to make this warning because it has gone to the army and they have accepted it, tomorrow it will go to the navy, the air force and the national police, and the same thing will happen, that is, a fun military facility," he said.

Legislators Sonia Echevarría [Acción Republicana] and Mario Mantilla [Fuerza Popular] They were on the same line and asked "not to ignore" the event.

"I congratulate the army, the police, the sailors who put their home on the ground, sweeping, washing, iron, chef, helping with homework and being excellent officers. I also congratulate the President of the Republic (Martín Vizcarra), who set up a pre-movement, all ministers and ministers, Mayors, he said. montenegro before the critics.

The Minister stated that he would use all the instruments at his disposal to promote change of mentality and reduce violence in our country.

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