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No claw: Leon almost out of the league

In a game that had no feelings, cold temperatures and bad entry, Atlas rosiegros could hardly tie La Fiera de Leon last night at Estadio Jalis, where the match ended without a goal but the good news is that Foxit will continue to add games without loss of knowledge three, while Esmeraldas virtually says goodbye to all the opportunities to reach Liguilla.

number two

This 0-0 result of Calzada's Independencia-Kolossus remained at Atlas in the second place in the general table, but already reached 10 points after the two-digit number 2018 after the start of Apertur when he was eligible for the results fanaticada red and black.

Nacho Ambriz and his sons started practically with the great Mexican football Fiesta Grande, by adding 17 units and even though it is tied to Guadalajara, the difference between goals is worse and is therefore placed in the 13th place after the general classification of 15 full days.

Atlas problems started very early, Argentine midfielder Ricardo Álvarez was injured and had to leave the change in the 8th minute to allow Brayan Garnica to come. Garnica, however, was released from the field by completing Cristian Calderón's expulsion in 66, another situation that showed foxes were in difficulty in committing.

La Fiera, more offensive

This situation tried to make use of Leon's box, and Ignacio Ambriz sent the field to players with more offensive capacity, such as Walter González, who added Mauro Boselli's presence on the pitch, would pose a greater risk to the goal. José Santiago Hernández.

The game continued to advance and Atlas was unable to fully control the game, Leon took the ball and began producing target goals, but they could not figure out how Mauro Boselli and Walter González's potentials were dangerous. José Hernández was already dressed in a hero.

As much as Leon tried, he simply could not resist 10 reds and blacks and that the remaining emeralds were distracted because they could not get three points.

The next day, Atlas will receive Pachuca Jalisco Stadium, but now normally, on Friday at 21.00; when La Fiera hosts Chivas on Saturday, November 10 at 19.00 at León Stadium.

Key moments

Mandatory changes

Atlas used three different tactical stops against the Lion. He started 4-1-4-1. After the injury Ricardo Alvarez (# 11), Guillermo Hoyos was replaced by 4-3-3 with Brayan Garnica. In the second half, before the unfair expulsion of Cristian Calderón, the Foxit only played with one tip.

Hoyos y Duque

For the first time he led Atlas, technician Guillermo Hoyos was monitored on the field and discussed with the team before the game started and tried to motivate his team to win the León match. Jefferson Duque did not work, clearer failed in the first half.

Pepe was the author

Goalkeeper José Hernández came to the best of Atlas. The lion tried to exploit the fact that the killings were in a lower numerical position but the goalkeeper cooled every hot ball that attacked his goal. The team lost to the midfield in the past 25 minutes but still reached for a point.


  • 10 points will be added in red and black after 15 days and are located in section 17 of the general table.
  • 24 minutes tapatíos with a man less red rigorist that the referee took Cristian Calderón.
  • 17 units to which Esmeraldas arrives, located in the 13th grade, far from Liguilla.



1. José Hernández, 29. Ismael Govea, 3. Leiton Jiménez, 14. Omar González, 26. Cristian Calderón, 7. Juan Pablo Vigón, 10. Clifford Aboagye, 21. Lorenzo Reyes, 8. Andrés Andrade, 11. Ricardo Álvarez , 17. Jefferson Duque, DT. Guillermo Hoyos

changes to

15. Brayan Garnica 11. Álvarez 8 & # 39 ;, 13. Ulises Cardona 15. Garnica 68 & # 39;; 20. Jairo Torres 8. Andrade 88 & # 39;


25. William Yarbrough, 5. Fernando Navarro, 6. William Tesillo, 22. Miguel Herrera, 24. Osvaldo Rodriguez, 12. José Rodríguez, 11. Yairo Moreno, 10. Luis Montes, 13. Alexander Mejía, 27. Juan Calero, 17. Mauro Boselli, DT. Ignacio Ambriz

changes to

19. Roberto Diaz 27. Calero 55, 9. Walter Gonzalez 12. Rodríguez 70, 18. Pedro Aquino 24. Rodriguez on 80 & # 39;

referee: Francisco Chacón

Home Office: Jalisco Stadium

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