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2019 can boast that the year of mobile phones is folding. It takes years of work to fine-tune the technology that can be folded a smartphone Just like a paper sheet, but three of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, Huawei and LG, seem to be quite ready to launch such models the following year. Who seems to be more advanced is Samsung, who on Wednesday showed, without much detail, the prototype of the coming Galaxy Folding. In its annual developer conference in San Francisco, the company announced that it has developed Infinity Flex Display technology, a terminal-based display technology.

The device they taught was a conventional 5-inch screen, but when it opens up like a book, a 7.3-inch touch is visible like a tablet. This Samsung says it can display up to three applications at the same time and remember what application the user used on a small screen to expand the widescreen for deployment. The first folding Galaxy is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2019, as the company announced its intention to start screening in just a few months.

"It's a thrilling concept, and we hope to see folding products from different Android makers, and we're already working closely with Samsung with a new device they're going to release next year." Dave Burke, vice president of Android Devices, told another Google event Wednesday.

But Samsung is not alone in this fight. Huawei Consumer Unit CEO Richard Yu also assured German newspaper Die Welt in September last year that his company is working on a mobile phone with folding display. Executive wondered why people were still using laptops and responded: "Probably because the screens are smartphones the current ones are too small. We will change this and the screens will open, "he said. Yu assured the above-mentioned media that the terminal would be ready within a year.

In Samsung's case, it appears that the company has tested the concept of a five-year discontinuity according to the BBC, according to which the South Korean company's goal was to get Huawei ahead of this competition and launch the first smartphone of this type. However, for both, it has been a little known company that has overtaken both.

start-up Royole Corporation, California, introduced last week with its own refractive phone in Beijing. The open terminal sport is a 7.8-inch screen, but can be folded to half. The company said it would put the unit on sale for the upcoming December, with a starting price of € 1,150. The company's CEO said they had invested more than six years in developing this flexible display, "which is very thin, light and durable." The display supports, as they explain more than 200,000 bending operations that offer up to five years of use if you recall it 100 times a day, Cnet announced.

Other competitors such as Lenovo and LG have also demonstrated prototypes of phones with foldaway monitors and if the information published by Venturebeat is met, this South Korean company, one of the world's largest display makers alongside Samsung, will expose its folding phone to the next Las Vegas CES, -11. January. "Industry is very close to mobile phones as a commercial reality," analyzes Canalys research firm Ben Stanton.

The question that many people are asking now is what an extra utility is smartphones makeup. One seems clear: Force is one device that can be used as one mobile device and tablet depending on the usage you want to give at any time. But we have to see if this does not lead users to the bigger cell phone that is accustomed to extra devices.

Without a doubt, the key is also to see if anything killer application (setting up an application), which increases the value of these terminals and makes them really attractive to the eyes of the consumer. Not surprisingly, Samsung introduced its endorsement during its developer conference, it is more than necessary that this group thinks how they can get better displays that will double if manufacturers want to succeed with them. Something that would happen would not be harmed because of sales smartphones They fell by 6 percent in the third quarter to 355.2 million units and is the fourth consecutive quarter decline.

"The goal is to work with Google and the Android developer community to ensure that applications work properly while the phone is in use and maximize the chances of this new format to create an optimal folding user experience," said responsible Samsung. "We are eager to see what this technology holds," they added. Android has already announced that it natively supports such a device with folding screens.


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