Thursday , April 15 2021

They arrest a young woman with disabilities by abusing a man

Comisaría César Llatas de Chiclayo, the Lambayean area, they got caught Luis Alberto Peña Abarca, was accused of misusing a young mother who is suffering from mental retardation.

The captive was searched five years ago and during his kidnapping, near the model market, tried to surprise the police by presenting a counterfeit IDHowever, with a strong questioning, he decided to accept his participation in the events.

According to a complaint he claims, everything would have happened on 15 February 2013, an average of eight nights, when she came heavily to the home of a young woman of 30 years who suffers from this disease, misused her, and flees to an unknown subject.

The relatives of the young woman filed a complaint in a sectoral police station, started their position and hijacked at national level.

The arrested police delegate avoided giving any statement. The event was immediately reported to the Public Prosecutor's Office and the judiciary so that they could follow up on the law.

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