Tuesday , April 20 2021

Video | Machu Picchu: The Ministry of Culture denies that Peruvians pay more for income

The Ministry of Culture announced that it will not raise the participation fee to Machu Picchu's historic sanctuary in July and August 2019, as announced on Monday The decentralized department of Cusco Cultural Center (DDC).

In July and August, Director of DDC, Luis Nieto Degregori, said that domestic travelers would pay for foreigners an entrance fee, ie the cost of the revenue would increase from S / 64 to S / 152 in these two months.

"Next year, coordinated policies will begin between the Ministry of Culture and Mincetur will weaken the visit in July and August, where the pressure is too high, "he explained to RPP.

The Ministry will clarify

The Ministry of Culture, however, assures it The entry fee for Machu Picchu has not been changed not for citizens or for foreigners.

"The Ministry of Culture has worked on a comprehensive proposal to draw up a plan to redirect and optimize the visit of the tourism to the historic sanctuary in order to All changes will be announced in time and officially"The ministry said in a statement.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture announced the best decision to guarantee the permanent preservation of unique and special features that make Machu Picchu, the cultural heritage of mankind; so that lthat the visit of the citizens to the archaeological monument was developed under the best conditions.

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