Tuesday , April 20 2021

Wall Street will drop Apple shares

Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 602.12 points, or 2.32 percent, to close at 25 387.18. S & P 500 lost 54.79 points or 1.97 percent to 2.276.22 units. Nasdaq Composite Index lost 206.03 points, or 2.78 percent, to fall to 7,200.87 units.

Apple shares fell 5.04 percent and closed down at $ 193.46 after the leading edge recognition technology provider. Lumentum Holdings cut revenue and earnings forecasts, referring to lower customer orders. important.

Some analysts pointed out that the iPhone maker was an important customer that was not mentioned. Laumentum Holdings shares fell by about 33 per cent.

Ten of the S & P 500's 11 priority sectors were closed. The discretionary and technological sectors of the consumer decreased by 3.54 and 2.31% respectively.

The actions of several American technological giants suffered huge losses.

Align Technology and NVIDIA lost 7.91 and 7.84 percent and were the ones with the worst result in Nasdaq. Amazonian and alphabetic shares lost 4.41 and 2.58 percent.

Large banks also had a weak result. Goldman Sachs lost 7.46 percent and JPMorgan Chase dropped more than two percent.

"The US dollar is too strong and we can see how this affects US companies for sale abroad and banks are sold because after the election the recovery has very good profits," John Monaco told Xinhua. Wellington Shields & Co. LLC's operator.

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