Monday , April 12 2021

Agnieszka Hyży sharply Godlewski sisters. Have they been challenged?

On November 11, a new video of Godlewsky's sister appeared online. Internet pseudo discussions, which are mainly known for their provocative, tasteless looks (and one of them, a fierce disaster that led to intoxication), decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Poland's independence. They broadcast in a video network where they sing the Polish national song and earlier they report it with a "sensual" voice. Internet users' performance has not only been treated as online scams, as this is usually approaching "Godlewski songs," but as a national anthem disrupted. Dissatisfaction was also expressed by the rapporteur, Agnieszka Hyży.

"SHOCK … And it's no fun anymore … There are situations, events, symbols, events that are not dealt with, do not require translation, and certainly can not be a background … what, what was the fun today, not now and usually never, "Hyży started. The artist believes that Godlewski's sons are punished for their video, where they sing the Polish national anthem.

For Agnieszka Hyży Godlewski siblings: "That is their punishment"

"It's not enough fun, it's necessary to boycott and punish it, and it's crude!" Media allowed such a phenomenon to take place as a G-sibling, now they are surprised that you can do such a task for the Polish nation as a confusing song (presidential) pseudo-sexy posters and mines … now let the same media publicly set up, liquidate and describe, that in this country there are people who see this level of confusion and can say … do not buy, do not tolerate, something has fallen! "he wrote sharply.

"We celebrate in a decent, dignified way … appropriate for the uniqueness and sublimity of the moment," he added. It appeared that "Sisters G", as the rapporteur describes them, did not leave these words without comments. His next entry, Hyży, admitted that the "stars" invaded him by using pavement, private and false arguments that broke his family's good name. "Apparently, the others are missing," he commented. He also announced that he did not expect him to attract so much interest. The artist explained that he received a lot of messages in which Internet users expressed their hate, shame and confusion with the Godlewski movie. In addition, there are those who want to handle the case on the legal side.

"Lawyers around the house talked to me, the institutions – they have already worked on the legal point of view, and all, pro bono in the name of rules and respect for certain symbols and conditions, wants to do something about it. firmly, it will always break. For the purpose – I will deliberately face it! "Hyży wrote.

Godlewski sisters challenge Rafał Collins

Interestingly, TVN's reporter Rafał Collins was seriously interested in this. He set an ultimatum for Godlewsk: or 13.11. at 12.00 they will remove the movie from the net or lead to the introduction of a celebrity.


According to the editor in a statement on Facebook, because Godlewski's film has not yet been removed, his lawyers have already announced that Godlew sisters could commit a crime.

I wonder how this thing will continue.

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