Friday , March 5 2021

An explosion in Leśna, a leasing house in Lower Silesia. The building had 14 people

– Payments accidentally cause an event that threatens many people's lives and health and large sizes – Dorota B's (45-year-old) charges against rmf24. In her apartment there was a boiler that exploded. The 45-year-old does not, however, plead guilty and refuses to give explanations. At this stage of the procedure he received police control.

Firefighters got a report from the explosive apartment motel ul. Kochanowski on Thursday 06.18. At the time of the explosion there were 14 people in the building. Everyone managed to find and go out. At the beginning 10 people were excavated from stones and then four others. About two-thirds of rental homes collapsed. Firemen from all over the province were called Leśna. Lower Silesia and members of the Investigation Group from Poznań.

– We removed 14 people from the ruins. They were handed over to medical care. The injured have bruises, fractures and rubbing – announces St Kpt. Daniel Mucha, spokesman for the Fire Department of Wroclaw Province, in a conversation with Fakt24. Services continue to operate on site for several hours. It was originally reported that the building had a gas disorder. Probably the cause of the incident was a boiler explosion. Soon experts will be appointed to determine the explosion.

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