Friday , March 5 2021

Artur Szpilka is much lighter than Mariusz Wach

No one was Imagine that 203 cm Wach would be heavier than a competitor, as it is up to 10 centimeters higher than Spilka. At Gliwice weighing the Wieliczka plateau weighed 108.7 kg and Wach 123 kg. After their weight, both players looked deep into each other's eyes and then grasped. There is no blood between them because they know and respect each other for many years. There is, however, no room for feelings in the ring, as in Spilka it is a struggle in the series of "to be serious boxing". – I have to give Arthur a lot of blood. I have to be in the animal's body – says Wach.

Splinter's Goal? Get back to the leadership

In January 2016 Spilka (21-3, 15 KOs) lost to Doentay Wilder (40-0, 39 KO) heavyweight championship. The next duel took place in July 2017 with Adam Kownack (17-0, 14 KO), but he also dropped. 29-year-olds still have great goals. In his last fight he was with National PSE Dominic Guinne (35-12-1, 24 KOs) and probably won him points. And on November 10, he will be in Wachemi (33-3, 17 KOs) in Gliwice. If he loses, he says goodbye to a serious box. If he wins, he still dreams of becoming a world champion.

On Saturday, the battle of Maciej Sulęck is also seen, which is considered to be the best believer in the Polish distribution of air to the weight classes.

Horizontal Weighing Scores Knockout Boxing Night # 5:

Artur Szpilka (108, 7 kg) – Mariusz Wach (123 kg)
Maciej Sulêcki (72.3 kg) – Jean Michel Hamilcaro (71.9 kg)
Paweł Stępień (79 kg) – Dmitry Suchocki (79.2 kg)
£ royal (110.2 kg) – Eugen Buchmueller (102.1 kg)
Przemysław Zyśk (70.4 kg) – Igor Faniyan (70.5 kg)
Marek Matyja (79.6 kg) – Remigiusz wagon (79.4 kg)

On Saturday, martial arts fans will not be able to sleep, as other hitting competitions are also planned. Krzysztof Głowacki can become a temporary champion of the weight of the semi-weighted world, and Usyk (Ukrainian fighter) competes against Bellew (the British boxing star).
Usyk – Bellew. Boxing hit! When? transmission

Krzysztof Głowacki – Maksim Własow. TV broadcast, online stream

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