CB | P wanted to give 1000 zloty a reward for the police. There is no shortage

The situation in the police is devastating. Official police data on L4 layoffs account for about ten percent, but TVN 24 reports that up to 30,000 police officers could go on sick leave. This means that every third police are protesting – according to information from the police website, about 100,000 people work in the whole country. officials.

1000 PLN for the service on November 11

It is so difficult for Director Jarosław Szymczyk to report, according to some media, a thousand zlotys for every police who will be recruited on November 11. Yesterday, the commanding officer commanders in turn called on "not to let the robbers start controlling the streets".

Rafał Jankowski, Head of NSZZ Police Officers, criticized this award procedure. – This is the hole in the hole. The police group says the commander will hire people to recruit – he said yesterday. The union mentioned in the "Events" magazine of Polsat news adds: – Police information is such that Judaean silver metals distribute them for noble purposes.

Prize for the 100th anniversary. There is no shortage

In the meantime, the media outlined a letter from the CBPP Terrorist Files Department addressed to the Head of Human Resources and Training. The answer to the request is "to elect one police prize of PLN 1,000 when the Polish 100th anniversary has become independent".

It is clear that the CBPP Department does not have one police officer who is willing to get such satisfaction.

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"No one of the CBŚP terrorist files elected officials has any interest in such a separation process." The amount granted on the basis of the foregoing is not waived ", read in writing.

Brudziñski meets policemen

When will protests of services end at the end of July? We do not know that. However, it is known that tomorrow at 11 am with the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Joachim Brudziñski, with the Ministry of the Interior and the administration of unified service unions. Protests are a demanding rise in wages of 650 PLN and a return to the previous retirement scheme and the elimination of wage crawl.

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