Saturday , July 24 2021

Millennium has shot at the top – Puls Biznesu

Commando that cuts Lego

"You are a young commander, this is the first independent company You were awakened before the sunrise, the helicopter was transported to an unknown island" […] Promotion is only the first. My colleagues are now your opponents. […] Move, check for yourself and check if you are the right commando "- this is how it started in the 1990's" Commando "game with a cartoon and two heroes in the illusion of Hollywood actresses: Arnold Schwarzenegger" Conana "and Sylwester Stallone (" Rambo "). jigsaw puzzle – Ertrob-Logotype, game maker.
– If I remember correctly, the drawing was ordered to register as an ASP student, one of Marek Raczkowski. We did the game with a friend of one night. That was our springboard big jump – says Robert Podleś, the owner and President Cobi, one of Europe's largest tire manufacturers.
In front of her
Immediately – immediately – they condemn the child's point of view – after all, Cobi is a recognized manufacturer of building blocks …

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