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New TVP Info Studio what the cost of opinion Jacek Kurski Jarosław Olechowski

Investments of PLN 16 million

Studio was introduced on Monday, November 5 this year. in the afternoon, the President of the Polish Television, Jacek Kursk.

– I am very glad that this renovation was done so effectively, and that the new TVP Info Poland under the name, we can celebrate the 100th anniversary of independence. In our studio, we have invested a few million zloty, most of which we used to purchase new equipment and PLN 4 million to renew the plant. This is a huge amount, but that's how much modern television costs – says the chairman of the Polish TV channel Jacek Kurski Wirtualnemedia.pl. – An important issue is also about 80 percent. the equipment of this equipment will be transferred to a completely new studio built for 3 years ul. Woronicza, the so-called A bis building – emphasizes.

The Wirtualnemedia.pl portal learned that PLN Telewizja used about 12 million zlotys for the purchase of new equipment in the studio. The total cost of the investment was approximately PLN 16 million.

A 22-meter LED wall with 18 million pixels, the main part of the studio

An integral part of the installed design is a 22-meter LED wall of 18 million pixels. It allows you to create different shooting modes and send an image with 4x4K resolution.

– The new feature of our studio is top technology from the top shelf. Now we have full automation in light control. We also have several items to implement the programs. Switching from one to another takes only a moment. A 22-meter LED wall that makes a great impression deserves recognition – comments on the portal Wirtualnemedia.pl. Director of Television Affairs Jarosław Olechowski. – This is the most modern newsroom, not only in Poland but also in Europe as a whole. We have about 2-3 lengths before the competition he adds.

In addition, the studio has a 100-inch touch screen multimedia display. The studio is equipped with 10 cameras partially remote. Studio lighting as well as LED design engineering and production is fully automated and programmed from console. Scenes are automatically redirected. Together with Studio Plus, the studio has also been upgraded and upgraded to the highest standards. The organizer is Regina Wolnicka.

– This is Poland's best studio, distinguishing itself from modern and conservative forms on the one hand. We have kept everything that was good in our old TVP Info magazine and we have removed what distracts us. The device has enormous graphics and visualization capabilities. Our studio also differs from the fact that we use so-called technological rental because we have access to the most modern and continuously improved technologies. Who makes the last one last – tells Kursk.

Studio Plus is installed afterwards, including the use of Augmented Reality (3D graphics) and Virtual Window technologies.

The new TVP Info studio, with a surface area of ​​230 m2, is located in the former C studio at the Polish Broadcasting Office at Plac Powstańców Warszawy 7 (TVP's news and programs are located there). For a number of years now, the new production plant has been in unused places where there is a worsened room for handling movie theaters.

The renovations took place in March 2018. Modern ventilation, based on special textile channels, was installed, a professional soundproofing site for 30 dBA acoustics. The studio-back office infrastructure has also been upgraded, the new VIP room and the technical rooms have been created.

The launch of the new TVP press conference is a breakthrough moment for the entire Polish television. Over the past ten years, the technical basis of TVP has been limited to information systems. At some stage in the commercial competition there were unrivaled better technological and production facilities. That's why we decided to build the power of public television, and our news station studio is just one of the stages of this strategy – says Olechowski.

TVP Info with an updated frame and a modified logo

In addition to the new studios of TVP Info, the upgraded setting for the television station and the modified Logotype were introduced.

– In addition to the studio, we change the TVP Info setting with more comfortable colors and modern beams, and another tape input – one on the roll and the other in the phenomena where the data will appear for a few seconds and disappear – it is a better shape than if the messages scroll through the roll. In this case, the viewer is able to read data faster and thus has more time to monitor the visible image in the air. We have also improved channel recognition – commented the head of public broadcasting.

According to Nielsen's Audience Measurement, in September this year, the average TVP Info view was 180,817 viewers, and the audience shared 3.19% in the viewer market.

"News" for a month with a new studio and still life

Telewizja Polska also prepares for the preparation of a new press release, from which "Wiadomości" will be sent. Construction and renovation work has already been completed, currently technical tests and the new graphic design of the program are in progress (created by Platige Image Studio).

"We are at work, but we do not yet see the release date," said Wirtualnemedia.pl portal in mid-October to Jarosław Olechowski.

As we have already announced, the "news" of the new studio will start sending about a month.

According to Nielsen Audience Measurement data, in September of this year, Wiadomośc's main focus was 2.43 million people, of which 1.98 million TVP1 and 440.7 thousand. On TVP Info.

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