Pin – Wach. Artur Szpilka rose from the boards and won points for Mariusz Wach


After an interesting battle in the evening, Artur Szpilka unequally won Mariusz Wach points at the Arena de Gliwice event at the "Knockout Boxing Night" competition. In the last round of "Spil" he was the plates, but he got up and clearly froze, he managed to achieve the last Gong. When you read the sentence, there were riots in Ring, and "Spila" was ready to get into conflict.

The battle has started very promising. Wach from the beginning tried to push Spil by working on the active left. On the other hand, Spilka was very focused and answered with his right hand, adding the left sirp. At the end of the opening meeting, little was missing and Wach grabbed his competitor's right counter. – Reduced – "Szpil" coach Andrzej Grawczyk insisted, paying attention to the element, both of whom worked hard during the preparations.

In the second round, Wach originally gave up in advance, hunting for the right stroke. On the other hand, the sphygm was very movable and brought a double good left sirp. In the middle, "Wiking" closed his love for the first time in the corner, but Arthur quickly got problems, leading to jail. At one point during the right and the right combination that dropped to the throat of the Sprout, it seemed that the KnockOut Promotions team has grown slightly uneven, but the 29-year-old has quickly received a resonance.

The third round started with a good left at Wach, but Spilka responded with one of the successful strikes. The "Splinter" corner, however, requires continuous beats when you notice that Wiking's jaw is made of granite. Artur was very energetic, and Mariusz gave the impression that he just got better. It weakened just after Gong when the glow of the "Spy" battle still hit, and it was necessary to visit Judge Leszek Jankowiak boxers.

The fourth round began with a strong change when Szpilka took two strong strikes. Wach tried to fight harder, but Arthur replied with a surprising combination. In one step, wieliczni fired a very angry left hook but did not have the accuracy. With a pity, Wach rushed to the runner, and he had problems, returned to his old sin, that is, he dropped his hand. "Spil", however, responded to Wach's attack and both turned the audience to the most spectacular round to date.

– You have to sit in that, he's leaving his hand more and more – his coach Piotr Wilczewski said break to Wacha.

The Cracovian took these words to heart, drove Spilka to the corner, but no explosions. Two meters long gave the field to a competitor and after a while he tried again to reduce the tire, but "Szpila" again came back from difficulties when the battle was in the middle of the ring where he felt the safest. The "boards" smelled the last ten seconds when the right Wacha Szpilka was clear. He nodded a little and could no longer get it, then he answered to the left and went out of trouble.

In the second half of the ten rounds, a somewhat more peaceful pace started, but a minute before the end of Wach finally showed up with his right hand, and the old demons Szpilka returned. Wieliczka's boxer suddenly left his hands in a completely irresponsible way and left the duel at his own request. During the break, Andrzej Gmitruk left his case to arrange his rebellious protector.

The instructor's comment affected, Szpilka recovered from concentration and started the next batch very energetically, successfully combining a combination of 2-3 attacks and scored the competitor. Wach tried to look for his real jaw, and did not look enough to burst him in the "Hookin" bed. Yet Artur, except for a moment, did not let herself hurt.

Wacha inactivity "Szpila" used for the first minute of the eighth round, fully jumping opponent and skillfully by walking along the side, by eliminating the deficiencies in physical conditions. Passover Wacha made it the easiest for three minutes from the fight to score judges.

Right wing and right chin Wacha brushed his neck but still the Mobile Pin was a difficult target for his opponent. Younger for a decade, wieliczan was played by "Viking", which seemed to lack the condition to maintain the beginning of the duel. The capital shift began during the last second for ropes, "Szpila" picked up strong strikes, but when he broke the Gong, Leszek Jankowiak, judges separated from the boxers.

The last round started with a great Wach activity that "turned" in his feet and began looking for a ring pin surface. "Wiking" was aware that probably just knockout would make him decide on this fight for him. And a moment before the end, Wach got Sibylas a strong right shot from above and sent his rival to the boards. "Spitz" rose and in the last 40 seconds he was based only on nature, but Wach did not intend to let go, but he placed the Countess jaws in hell presses. A typical Spilka, who was completely astonished after some miracle, survived the final Gong and won a valuable win with the Arsenal 2-1.

Judges dominated 97:93 Spilka, 93:96 Wachia and 95:94 Spilka, and the hall included whistles that expressed the rejection of parts of the sentence. The duel was so smooth that it seems compulsory to get a rematch.



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