Saturday , July 24 2021

An international expert talked about digital marketing in Olhão

Olhanense businessmen participated in Monday's Sanya Digital Marketing Lecture, which Fernando Antunes is one of the world's leading marketing specialists in Portugal, attending a Web Summit in Lisbon, ranked 8th, according to "Olhão House".

Approximately 80 entrepreneurs were involved in hospitality, catering, design, advertising, press, real estate, industry and commerce, but also local communities and multimedia students.

Fernando Antunes, a university professor and founder of the Brazilian School of Marketing, dealt with issues such as the location of the Algarve and the region in various social networks and the digital marketing tools available to entrepreneurs.

"It is an honor and unforgettable opportunity for our county to trust Olhão with an expert such as Fernando Antunde, who shares his entrepreneurs with their know-how, tools and marketing strategies in an increasingly digital world," said Antonio Pina, Mayor Olhão.

The local authority says this was the "first experience" that "opened the way for a similar but bigger initiative that will take place next year".

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