Bars open Sunday

The bars may eventually open on Sundays. The government made a mistake this Thursday in proposing new measures to stop raising funds. The premises are subject to the rules applicable to restaurants.

According to information published on the government’s website, the council of ministers included the opening of bars “in accordance with the renovation rules” in the first phase of the phasing-out plan approved on Thursday.

rules in bars

An official source for the presidency of the Council of Ministers explained to Lusa that the bars must work capacity and space constraints set for restaurants.

Bar customers therefore have e.g. stay seated and it must be respect the number of people in the table, said the same source.

This information corrects the information originally announced at the end of the Council of Ministers and presented by Prime Minister António Costa that the bars will remain closed during the deregulation phase starting next Sunday.

According to information available through the Government’s Pandemic Portal, “restaurants and similar establishments” may be open until 2.00 and ” up to 6 people per table inside or 10 people on the terrace “.

“Bars and other beverage establishments without spectacles and beverage establishments may operate in accordance with the rules laid down for the catering industry and the like, provided they comply with the rules and guidelines in force and those expressly drawn up by the Directorate-General for Health.”

In the third stage, they reopen the “normal operation.”

Already in the third phase of the plan, approved by the Council of Ministers, the bars “will resume their normal activities when presenting an EU COVID digital certificate or a test with a negative result,” the government says.

Also in this third phase, the clubs reopen with the same rules as the bars.

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