Friday , February 26 2021

City Hall will vaccinate 596 elderly people aged 88 and 89 on the first day

On Monday (22), the first day of immunization of a group of 88- and 89-year-olds against coronavirus, 596 elderly were vaccinated. The data come from the Department of Health, which pointed out that the number corresponds to 62% of all 960 people in the 960 age group registered so far. With this amount, Juiz de Fora has immunized 2,675 elderly people over 88 years of age.

Vaccination is still carried out in seven primary health care units (UBS) and the Ministry of Health for the Elderly (DSI). The opening hours of these points are from 8 am to 4 pm, except on Thursdays, when the vaccination operation will take place at UBS until 2 pm.

Also, according to the folder, 570 people were immunized among active health care professionals over the age of 60. Vaccination of these professionals will be carried out until Friday (26). In Juiz de Fora, 19,885 people have already been immunized with the first dose and 10,955 with the second dose.

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To receive the vaccination, the elderly and health professionals must register on the Juiz de Fora City Hall portal, where an online form is available for pre-registration. It can be accessed via a ticket available on the City Hall website.

Completing the form is easy: Elderly people or their family members must provide information such as name, CPF, date of birth, gender, telephone, age and whether they are in bed or if they have other illnesses. The survey is not a scheduling system, as the health department says it aims to streamline the treatment of vaccination sites and prevent congestion in vaccine use.

During vaccination, elderly people aged 88 and over must present a copy of their photo ID and a copy of their residence certificate. If the latter document is not in the name of the elderly person, a written declaration from the homeowner that the person lives on the premises is required.

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