Monday , June 14 2021

Google gives Chrome features to browse together

Google is developing Chrome and brought some very interesting news to your browser. Each new version includes enhancements and tools that make the proposal simpler to use and more attractive to users.

Recently, the search giant showed another set of Chrome news. Among them is the very interesting one that helps the users to navigate together without being near or on the same computer.

New in Google Chrome's Google Link Browser

Another great new feature for Chrome

Since the Internet is the most used browser, Chrome has to reinvent itself repeatedly. Google doesn’t slow down the news list and always strives to innovate and bring in what doesn’t exist and what users need and want.

Proof of that now comes with this novelty. Very soon it will be possible to share links that point to specific areas of the website. Everything is, as expected, easy to use and without any complications for users and those who receive such sharing.

New in Google Chrome's Google Link Browser

Help that comes with a simple link

As expected, this new Chrome feature requires little user intervention and attention. Anyone who wants to create this link just has to select the text to be addressed to any user and that is interest.

The shortcut menu immediately has an entry for copying and sharing the link. Anyone who gets the same link just needs to open it and use that site. The text is selected and re-marked so that it can be read.

New in Google Chrome's Google Link Browser

Google invests in your browser

More improvements are coming to Chrome, such as new PDF menus, tab mute notifications, or naming them. Of course, Google has also focused on the stability and performance of this Google browser.

This is undoubtedly great news from Google for Chrome and the products it offers. The dominant browser on the Internet is getting better and better adapted to what users want and need to navigate in this mode.

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