HPV: Human Papilloma Virus is a family re-constructed by research


The process of development HPV was re-developed by researchers from the University of Hong Kong and the Albert Einstein Medical Institute in the United States.

According to a researcher in Zigui Chen and Robert Burk, understanding the development of the virus is important for the development of HPV prevention and treatment technologies.

The virus has over 200 varieties, 40 affecting the genitals, and some lead to cervical cancer, even though HPV is dangerous.

The study used an HPV 16 change that is one of the fatal and carcinogenic factors, which also affects non-primate. This variation is responsible for the development of cervical cancer of the penis, neck and anus.

From then on, both sides seek to identify the pathway between man and other primates. The results showed that the virus is over 500 thousand years old.

According to Dr. Jane Oh, the obstetric gynecologist eventually all sexually active people are connected with papilloma virus to be easily contagious.


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