Leaner, María Mendonça puts on a closet with a short dress. What a baby


Marília Mendonca's new shapes give her what to talk about. Well focused on improving health, the country has resorted to diet retraining and already slim about 20 pounds just for her trouble. This Sunday (11) Marília returned to show her body more sequin and was given a glorification of her flood in her social network. "Linda", "gata" and "wonderful" were the words written by the singers' fans

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Marília Mendonça left her fans open this Sunday (11) by sending a photo with a short dress. In his closet, the artist showed his current good shape, which was conquered by a re-training of strict diet. "What Cat," "Wonderful," "Too Beautiful," "Keep Focusing," Some Followers said. Contrary to what is imagined, the artist has suffered enough to follow the food. On Saturday, the artist took a drink of coconut water and joked: "Focus on the cold beer and go in the faith". Recently, when he bought his meal, he said, "Wow, sabadou … I came to shop … I finally looked at the map and wanted to cry … just a thing … who am I? My life?" And he said that his The biggest challenge in this new food routine is running out of rice and beers.

Singer looks for a doctor's health

Marília Mendonça recently assured her that she had not resorted to slimming surgery. "My decision was no cut when I found that my stomach is very fragile in these procedures. I spent 7 days on the ball last February and it was 7 days without feeding me and unable to hold water in me," he explained. "I've always been the happiest woman in the world, but it would not be, if I were to begin the withdrawal of exhibitions for all kinds of disease and have a look at … the fault began to pick up, in fact, it had begun a long time ago. Fati was more than 51% of my body, high levels of triglycerides, often rinses that got their job by performing excellence in the way you deserve. His doctor, Dr. Mohamad Barakat Ready: "He had a huge visceral fat, high triglycerides due to eating behavior. When I told him that his health was to lose 20 pounds, even though he did not get to lose weight, he said, "Is this what I need?" The posted job must be completed ".

The artist rejected the exercises

Despite the fact that physical exercises are part of healthy weight loss, Marília Mendonça assumed she could not adapt to them. "I do not give any training, that's all I did on the stage," he said. He said that after he reached his original goal, he gave himself a break from the diet: "I stopped for a while, gave myself some time to my diet and the place I used, but it's never so because we learned to eat and forget."

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