Persistent rains and strong winds. Beatriz arrives in Portugal


Mainland Portugal is affected by the depressed Beatriz, the cold front of the Isle of Wight, which leads to "permanent rainfall", which is sometimes strong in the evening 6 and the morning of November 7 this Wednesday and Wednesday as well as the winds across the country.

The northern and central regions suffer the most, and snow is also expected in the highest areas of Serra da Estrada.

"The wind is moderate and strong on the coast, clouds up to 80 km / h and strong mountainous regions, 100 km / h rain showers, southern areas are raining on the 6th and 7th morning," says IPMA, and there is also a "moderate or strong wind" on the coast and in the highlands of the region.

On Wednesday, IPMA also expects "sea turmoil on the west coast of the continent, and the waves are 4-5 meters to the northwest."

Despite the depression of Beatriz, the temperatures do not change significantly.

The address taken by TSF, CDOS do Porto, registers only the fall of the tree without any significant events.


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