Wednesday , April 14 2021

Syrian refugees without water and electricity at Miranda do Corvo do not pay for house rent

Three families of Syrian refugees residing in the Miranda Corvo area were left without water and electricity in houses where they live in the ADFP Foundation. In their speech to the Lusha agency, two families said they did not have the money to pay the monthly fee, which the institution that brought them to Portugal about a year and a half ago as part of the refugee reception program.

The Director of the Development Cooperation and Vocational Training Foundation (ADFFP) Jaime Ramos explained that he stopped the aid program and that "according to the rules each family must be independent and start paying households, water, electricity and its expenses". "The deadline has expired and three families have refused to leave, although one of them has already said that they are leaving," the leader pointed out that if they do not have a job, "social security continues to support the humanitarian perspective".

Syrian refugees complain that the ADFP Foundation intends to charge 340 euros for each T3 apartment that is unbearable in their financial situation. "If we pay 340 euros for income, we get what we need to survive," two Syrian men fled the war with their families and passed through Egypt before arriving in Portugal.

One family has three children and one family has two, one of which is one and a half years, which causes great concern for parents who are afraid of the cold expected on the following days because the apartments are very damp, visible walls and ceilings. "We want to leave, but we can not rent an apartment because they require 500 and 600 euros a month," said one of the Syrian refugees, a former professional driver who says he can not find a job.

They also criticize the ADFP Foundation for not having completed the Portuguese educational program when they went with the teacher. Water and electricity cuts in building apartments located in the Miranda do Corvo movies followed the GNR patrol when no payments had been made.

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