Sunday , May 9 2021

The new character arrives at Mortal Kombat Mobile

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Mortal Kombat Mobile, Warner Bros. games e NetherRealm Studios announced the availability of a new character that has already been added to the MK11: Rain consoles.

According to the character’s official description, he has interesting advantages: “Rain starts each game with a strength bar and has the ability to immediately repel his opponent’s basic attacks.

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His counterattack uses a new practice called “Soaked” that slows down his opponents and makes them vulnerable to additional damage from the Lightning strike from him, his teammates, and even Equipment.

Kombat consoles don’t have a character, but anyone already has the news. This is true of Shang Tsung, who just received death (Shapeshifter’s Barrage) and soon also cruelty (Visceral Punt) through the new wizard and equipment tower.

Relic Hunt

The limited-time Relic Hunt event will also return as part of Mortal Kombat Mobile’s six-year anniversary celebrations, which will be available from 5-12. April. In this way, players fight in a series of towers with one mission: to release Shao Kahn.

Relics await at the top of each tower, which contains fragments of the spirit of Shao Kahn hidden by the oldest gods. Once enough spirits have been won, the player unlocks a Shao Kahn diamond card that can be upgraded to Fusion X. And as an extra gift for players, Mortal Kombat Mobile is giving away 50 free souls a day for the week of April 5-11.

Via Diego Lima / IGN

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