Monday , April 12 2021

The wounded recommends treatment in medicines where metamycit is Nolotil – Observer

The National Pharmaceutical Authority (INFARMED) recommends a special treatment for metamizole-like medicines, such as Nolotil, as they may have serious side effects.

This Infarmed recommendation follows the Spanish authorities' announcement of the use of antimomobines after 10 Brazilian deaths, which bought a drug in Spain.

In October, the Spanish Medicine and Health Bureau (AEMPS) updated the Metamycin Technical Data Sheet to warn of the risk of adverse effects such as agranulocytosis (acute illness characterized by defective or widespread white blood cell counts).

According to the statement issued by Infarmed website, "Metamizole is a pain and fever medication for about 40 years", extending to medicines such as "Nolotil, Dolocalma and Metamizol Cinfa".

According to Infarmed, "the use of drugs containing this substance can cause an undesirable reaction – agranulocytosis – which is serious although very rare:" Portugal reported a pharmacovigilance system in 2008 and 2018. a total of 11 cases of agranulocytosis, possibly linked to metamycin every year 1-2 cases (which is a very rare reaction with the expected frequency). "

To avoid such reactions, Infarmed recommends "limited short term" within a maximum of seven days. If the use is longer than this, it is recommended to observe the values ​​of the homogram, the patient's blood cells to be evaluated and calculated.

"These medicines should not be used in patients with hematologic reactions prior to metamizole, in the treatment of immunosuppressive agents or other medicines that may cause agranulocytes," he added. "Particular attention should be paid to the determination of these drugs in the elderly," he warned.

Despite the warning, Infarmed warns that "patients who are prescribed metamycin should not stop treatment": "You should consult your doctor immediately if there are any changes in your blood sugar level, such as general malaise, infection, persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or lightness".

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