Antonia & Velea came to the hospital with a kid and we have the first pictures!


Antonia and Alex Velea, the two most beloved artists, have been through difficult times on Tuesday when their compatriots needed care. (Get and earn $ 10,000 a month!) CANCAN.RO, ROMANIA PAGE 1, gives you the most interesting photos. (SEE HERE: We have a movie night with HALEP SIMON and MILJOON "LOVE"!)

A published couple in the Romanian showbiz participated in anxiety on Tuesday when Akim, late Antonie and Alex Velea needed medical care. (Take your dream compartment in just a few months!)

CANCAN.RO, LOCATION NO.1 IN ROMANIA, he met two celebrities in front of the famous private clinic in the capital, where they had urgently brought a small Akim. (Best video chat studio in Bucharest wages)

Apparently tense, because their little boys face health problems, Antonia and Alex Vele have quickly dropped out of the luxury racket that the singer was driving. (NOT RIGHT, HERE: THE KINGDOM OF MIHAI ARE NOTIFIED BY THE "KINGDOM OF THE KINGDOM")

They rushed to get to the doctor

As soon as the driver parked a luxury helmet in front of the clinic, Alex Velea, who preferred to stand on the right, rushed to help the life partner who had kept her little Akim. (Videochat studio Bucharest offers a guaranteed salary!)

As a diligent and responsible father, the singer took his son's hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek and rushed to the doctor's office where he assured his child's being considered a card as a nursing staff. (NOT RIGHT, HERE: SEXOASA ANSWER ALL AUTOMATIC MECHANICAL LOGODICAL IMPLEMENTATION CONTACT WITH BLOGER!)

Antonia and Vele came to the hospital with a little Akim

Antonia and Alex Velea have fallen in love for more than four years

Two artists have two children together: Dominic (born December 27, 2014) and Akim Alexandru (born December 7, 2016). The singer also has daughter Maya for Vincenzo Castellano. Two parent spouses are in the custody of the girl, a dispute that lasts a few years. Maya Rosaria Castellano was born on August 28, 2010. She is currently living with Vincenzo grandparents in Italy.(NOT RIGHT, HERE: UCIGAS POLICY TO SELL "CHAMBERS FINLAND")

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