Wednesday , March 3 2021

HOROSCOPE. The signs of these three horoscopes must be very careful! They have a very bad time

The new moon was 15 degrees in Scorpio on Wednesday 7 November. The new moon is a symbol of new beginnings, but these three signs have a difficult time.

TAURUS – New Moon is affecting partnerships, especially in your area. Scorpio's energy is cruel and extreme to you, even if you do not like it. You would blame the old relationships and ties you no longer need, but you force it. Do not resist the changes that come to you.

LEU – You take it personally and professionally. Scorpio's powerful energy does not do good. You feel extreme fatigue and you have no power to handle all the discussions that come in the coming days. Breathe deeply and put yourself patiently.

pervasive – New Moon illuminates the secrets of your 12th house, shutters, karma, and hidden enemies. Prepare yourself for the negative energy you need to deal with people who do not want you. Take all step by step and you can go well during this time period.


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