Monday , April 12 2021

How useful is the camera on Apple's Owen smartphone

How useful is the camera on Apple's Owen smartphone

Apple looks for ways to include a camera in Apple Watch smartphones, focusing in particular on systems that avoid promised traps to include the camera in a device that is not suitable for it.

Considering how small and powerful camera technology is today, it is tempting to try to put cameras anywhere. However, there are some devices that do not have much logic, such as a smartphone.

But it looks like the company is interested in this. In AppleInsider's recently invented patent, we find that the company could imagine the integration of the target into the Apple Watch smartphone.

Well, the goal of such a goal is not to capture selfish, but other things. Like Face Detection, which can make video calls by calling Apple Watch SmartWatch.

For example, by integrating the camera, wide-angle lens, and various sensors, users can make FaceTime calls to Apple Watch even though the smartphone is kept in a strange corner.

The camera and software can be used to collect image files together to build an avatar that looks more suitable. We would not be surprised, too, if camera technology could somehow contain a Face ID feature in Apple Watch.

So, raising a smartphone to a daughter's level could quickly log on to you when you pay through Apple Pay.

In any case, this is an interesting patent, but incorporating it into the Apple Watch toolbelt strap limits the customization options. But since this is just a patent, it is not certain that the company will implement it in practice. Maybe the company is just looking at the idea instead of developing it.

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