Sunday , August 1 2021

"Iasi knows about hepatitis C" on Wednesday TVR Iasi

Campaign "Moldova knows about hepatitis C" continues in Iasi County. TVR Iasi TV studio will be broadcast on Wednesday 7 November at 19:00 in the show – "Iasi knows about hepatitis C."
The exhibitor Claudia Dănăilă visits the Iasi Infectious Hospital Prof. Dr. Carmen Dorobăt, Docent Manager Dr. Catalin Sfarti, Gastroenterologist of Iasi Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Dr. Maria Ioniţă, Doctor of the Family.
"Iasi knows hepatitis C" is being received throughout the Moldovan territory, and viewers can present live questions at 0232.20.90.35 and on TVR Iasi's Facebook page, which takes the presentation altogether.
The topics discussed include informing the population about the causes and effects of C-type hepatitis C infection and the fact that the tests and studies are free of charge when the family vet has sent them and the treatment is now revolutionary, almost 100%. Likewise, Asian viewers will know how easily anyone can follow hepatitis C treatment and that all diagnosed with this disease, regardless of qualifications of fibrosis, now has access to treatment that is completely free of CAS patients.
Another live discussion about "Iasi knows about hepatitis C" will be held on Monday 12 November at 3 pm and will be posted on the official Facebook page "You know hepatitis C". In the show, guests, who are well-known experts in the Iasi province, also answer every question the Followers have asked.
Romania is the first place in Europe with 3.3% of Hepatitis C virus infection, and at the national level the highest prevalence rate in Moldova is 4.3%.
Iasi County is an undesirable percentage of 3.79%, above the national average.

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