Saturday , July 24 2021

Practice Dragnea's helplessness

PSD's event on Monday should be cynically excellent news of PSD's opposition. Liviu Drangea began to put an ax on the foundations of the party, but equally she gave her helplessness. But keeping this man in power is a terrible news for Romania.

Those who gave it away, Adrian Tutuianu and especially Marian Neacsu are not all. 20-year-old Tutuianu leads one of Dambovica's most powerful PSDs, and the elections are constantly at a high level. For example, in 2016, 68 mayors won only 19 PNLs and 7 parliamentary seats.

And Neacsu, the 18-year-old pesshist, was the party secretary general represented by the last congress, not just the Scrovistean group. His organization, PSD Ialomita, took 60 per cent in the most recent parliamentary elections and 66 local governments in the local elections 42.

Why were they left out? For violence. The only evidence they have been told are statements, public anti-Dragne or, in the case of Mr. Tutuianu, record what he thinks are private conversations. Both public opinion and private opinion do not give any fact, but only accusations of inconsistency with party leadership and the obedience of obedience to PSD members.

And when two two-year-olds are left out of all sorts of scenarios that, under other circumstances, would be named by Mr Dragnea as security, former pedestrians and former peregists took over at Scrobiste, where they issued orders.

but what Mr Dragne wanted to be, actually conceals a great deal of weakness because the hard and dangerous opponents he controls are not closed on Monday. The strong stones are Paul Stanescu and Gabriela Fire, who did not have the courage to touch. And Mr. Firea took a knife to this inability to vulnerability through new critical messages that were far worse than Tutuianu and Neacsu never said, Liviu Drangea on CEX's day: "The PSD is currently being managed by a man concerned only in his own political, legal and economic situation, a man of the state who is interested and distant to him is a sign of despair and incarnation."

Liviu Dragnea's war just did not end, but it started. Without these, the two have probably been addressed to those who are left behind, that there is no way of grace. It what. If they do not, then it hits them individually.

Their separation in the block would have been a great help to Liviu Dragnea, leaving him room for crime victims and betrayal letters.

But since his opponents are dominated by many members of parliament, Dragnean is expected to have more and more problems obtaining the majority of his projects and responsibilities that he wants to share.

Do dissenters help dominate the state in a mistrust? Liviu Dragne accepts accreditation using the worst PSD – the government's loss.

But dissidents do not want it. They exaggerated the public money assaults and politically they have no interest in becoming the party's enemy after being thrown into opposition. They want to be PSD rescuers. And therefore I do not think they will vote for the fall of the board unless they have the guarantees of holding the board. I mean the only one to sacrifice Liviu Dragne.

"Teleormanleaks" indicates that Liviu Dragnea's final, political and criminal is near. From a legal point of view, the documents published by Rise Project are doing it is impossible to deny the link between Dragne and Tel Drum. At the same time, they document the existence of a criminal group organized by the epic proportions which Dragne and his people did in clusters that nourish each other with public funds. A terrible octopus grotesque with cough, consisting of dwarven dolls from the region.

From a political point of view it is a positive example of how a man has taken a piece of his own country and has turned it back to the bone marrow. The poorest provincial funds in Romania were created on palaces and Brazil was funded by exotic voyages, queens, aesthetic operations and butlers.

Liviu Dragne's company and television broadcasts that throw Teleormanleaks into ridiculous jokes show how deep a blow is and how it is impossible to unload. The threat is disgusting and scary at the same time, no matter how pesedist you are. And his electoral cost is enormous. The costs of PSD that pay for Dragnea and which have already been seen in surveys.

PSD has always had leaders who, in all their great sins, still had the status of men in the state. This party has never been able to browse with a desperate, ridiculous set unless it is extreme toxicity. And this can no longer be hidden, even though what exercise Liviu Dragnea does.

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