foldable handheld videophone

The first folding phone is called FlexPai, and it produces a company called Royole, an unknown Chinese producer who took over Samsung and Huawei products that no one would need now. Despite this, Royole introduced the Android operating system with the first folding phone last week and below is the first practical video.

As expected, this folding phone is just an excellent company to stand out with a product promised by large companies but not yet ready. You can see from the video below that FlexPai is so far from providing a good user experience, Royole says he is aware of the mistakes of his product, and that commercial version does not exist.

The first folding phone is displayed on the first HANDS-ON VIDEO device

Nevertheless, on the first folding phone, we see what kind of problems developers need to be able to create such products, and the Android operating system is the ones that need to be adapted to these devices. Samsung and Google have collaborated with a special Android version used in Samsung GALAXY X, but Royola did not have this privilege, so their phone did not work that nicely.

Royole did not make a phone that would look good or work on the expectations of those who would like to buy such a phone, but everyone had to start somewhere. For $ 1300, this folding handset is not intended for the average user but only for those who are very passionate about technology and want to test the latest mobile phones in the market, but Samsung and Huawei products are cheaper.


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