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Boca Juniors – River Plate, Libertadores Cup Final: History Contraception, Preview, Facts, Vladimir Putin Takes to the Match

In late November, the G20 summit will be held in Buenos Aires, where Vladimir Putin will also arrive. The Argentine press asserts, however, that the Russian president arrives a couple of days before official events, including the Libertadores Cup return competition where Boca Juniors and River Plate play. He expects a truly spectacular spectacle.

"Boca Juniors" and "River Plate" – two mastodon Argentinean football. For two, they won 37% of the country's championship and 70% of all Argentinian fans support these two clubs. The confrontation between the two clubs, blended with the hate of the proletariat and middle class representatives, lasts for over a hundred years. but history is considered for the first time as part of the Libertadores Cup finals, the most prestigious club tournament in South America.

The Boca and Rivera meetings in the Libertadores Cup are rare – even in the XXI century they met twice in the eighth finals (2015) and in the semifinals (in 2004), but the explicit battle is also unique. We look at the final finals that will be played in two matches so that both Boca fans at La Bomboner and Rivera fans of the Monumental will get their vacation.

In both stadiums, only home teams support – five years Argentina has a ban on visiting fans of foreign teams.. This season, the ban began to decline, but not the top teams that contain both Buenos Aires teams.

Why such strict bans? Only Argentine football fans are the craziest in the world. For example, at the last meeting of the Libertadores Cup in 2015, one of the fans launched a blast-cleaning series in the room below the tribune, which is why River Plate players are suffering. The match, held at the "Boca" stadium, was suspended and the "river" got a technical victory.

In 2012, River Platten fans came out of their own. Before the start of the second half, the blower in the lower plane of the stand plane starts the inflatable pig in yellow blue – air "Boka" "los chanchitos" ("pig"). Boca Juniors fans at the top level rushed to shoot down the competing offensive Talisman and almost crushed the guards, which meant that the other half started very late.

Footballers behave better than those who support them. The second semi-final Libertadores Cup 2004 received red cards in a row: boci player Fabian Vargas, rivera player Rubens Sambúeza, whole Rivera coaching staff and ultimately Boci striker Carlos Tevez. He scored a scary dance – Tevez pictured chicken reminding the fans of "Rivera" their nicknames "gallinas" ("chickens").

By the way, Carlos Tevez is now playing "Boca". The 34-year-old scorer, who won the England Championship three times and the Italian World Cup twice, got oldest in China last year, after which he returned to the team from which he started his football career. In this area we can see other prestigious footballers in Europe: Enzo Perez, Leo Poncio, Juan Quintero, Mauro Zarate and Fernando Gago.

But in fact, no matter what the players names that go to the field in superclasico. At one point and Diego Maradona, who stopped playing in his career at Boke and started playing Rivera, became an animal-like creature with tactics scattered in the background. Nobody ever looks at xG and does not see the football cards for football players after the Boca and Rivera matches. The heat in this confrontation can only blow over the passions of the industry.

Or after that. Boca Juniors made it to the current Cup finishing quite calmly, but River Plate got a scandal. After losing the home semi-finals with the Brazilian "Gremio" with a score of 0: 1, "River" missed the finish and the first half of the return game. During the break, head coach Marcelo Gallardo came to the Argentine team's dressing room, although he did not have the right to do so: he was disqualified and could not interact with the players during the match.

What Gallardo said to the players who burned 0: 2 after the two games were stopped is not yet known, but 83 minutes they played one ball and added a quarter (more than ten minutes added). punishment for the Argentineans. "Gremio" attempted to seek redress and gain a technical victory over Gallardo's breach of the conditions for refusal, but CONMEBOL decided that the Argentinean Derby was too good for the final loss and they only imposed a penalty on the coach.

During the Russian World Cup, Vladimir Putin saw quite a variety of foreigners – Boca "and" Rivera "between the fans. However, with all the foreign fans, they came only far away in the provincial t-places but in club competitions to separate them from other weapons.

Argentina may not be officially recognized, but now in Buenos Aires. All over South America has been waiting for 58 years, as the world's coolest competitors will meet forever. It is difficult to say how interesting the G20 summit will be, but it is imperative to get to know the values ​​of Vladimir Putin's superclasic.

  • November 10, 23:00 Moscow time, the stadium "La Bomboner".
  • 24 November, 23:00 Moscow time, the stadium "Monumental".

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